Top 10 Reasons to Pack Your Lunch

Here they are, Lunchville’s powerfully persuasive (we hope) reasons to bring your lunch from home:

  1. No ugly surprises in the school cafeteria line. Mystery meat patties–argh!
  2. Control your portion sizes, so you can stick to that diet.
  3. Create edible works of art by getting creative with the presentation.
  4. Save money! Everyone knows that bringing lunch is cheaper than eating out.
  5. Become the envy of your lunch mates with your yummy homemade eats.
  6. Bring a little love from home. Nothing brightens up a bad day like comfort food.
  7. Save time during the day. No need to pick up lunch–you’ve brought it with you!
  8. Food prepared from home is healthier than fast food and cafeteria fare.
  9. Planning menus, shopping for ingredients, and preparing lunches sharpens your organizational and time management skills. Really.
  10. You’ll feel good about yourself because packing a lunch is a smart, environmentally friendly, and healthful thing to do.


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