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When on a diet of for eating healthy in general, having the proper food at an easy reach is often difficult. Tupperware cases are ugly, hard to carry, they leak and so on.

Fittbo was created to be easy to use, make preparing a healthy food a lot easier and to be extremely portable. To be a lunchbox designed from the start for our daily bags that fit things vertically.

  • Designed to be carried vertically
  • Slim
  • BPA free
  • Food tray is microwave safe & dishwasher safe


fittbo top food

Smart Compartments

fittbo interior explained 2

To get you through the day it has a compartment for cutlery and two compartments for food: a large one for the main meal and one for snacks.

The large compartment has 3 sections based on the optimum ratio of nutrients: 1/2 for vegetables, 1/4 for proteins and 1/4 for starch.

fittbo interior explained

Thermo insulated

Thermo insulation is smartly integrated into the design. It has air chambers all around, like the travel mugs. To keep the design slim, we used panels that provide great insulation on the sides.

fittbo insulation

Easy to clean

The food tray is made out of one piece, so it’s easy to clean and saves time!

fittbo interior clean

Leak Proof

To ensure it would be leakproof, we added two sets of safety measures. The compartment lids have gaskets for each section and the main food tray is inserted into an unibody shell and has another main gasket.

All the design details are there to make the product better, to add value from a visual point of view and from a practical one.

fittbo 1


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