Greek Yogurt, Let’s Get Cooking

Creamy, tart Greek yogurt gets loads of attention for its healthful benefits. In fact, New York loves yogurt so much they just made it their official state snack! But you can only eat so many parfaits, right? That’s why we were happy to find these savory ways to sneak Greek yogurt into your cooking, courtesy of Huffington Post. Bon appetit!

Photo courtesy of Sweet Peas & Saffron.
Photo courtesy of Sweet Peas & Saffron.

These Pumpkin Sage Biscuits are buttery and flaky, yet plenty moist, thanks to 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt. Best of all, they clock in at around 110 calories, so you can have a couple! Get this recipe and more savory ideas from the Huffington Post. 

Photo: Christopher Testani
Photo: Christopher Testani

Hello, delicious. This double cheeseburger gets a healthy makeover with ground turkey, Greek yogurt for flavor and juiciness, and creamy avocado spread. Get this recipe and more unexpected ways to cook with Greek yogurt from the Huffington Post.


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