Is Your Child Eating Ammonia-Infused “Pink Slime” at School?

Its official name is “Lean Beef Trimmings.” Some folks call the stuff “pink slime.” We call it gross.

It’s the fatty scraps and connective tissue left over after a cow is slaughtered. These unappetizing trimmings usually reserved for dog food are treated with ammonia to kill salmonella and E. coli bacteria. The resulting substance is then ground into a pink goo and mixed into ground beef that is destined for school cafeterias. In fact, the USDA plans to buy 7 million pounds of the ammonia-treated trimmings for the national school lunch program. Read the Daily’s report about this slimy partnership between the USDA and the meatpacking industry.

pink slime
"Pink Slime," ammonia-treated meat scraps, is on its way out of fast food chains, but the USDA still plans to put it in school cafeterias.


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